Best Breakfast In Cathays

Well, we’ve all been told by various members of our families and repeated Special K advertising campaigns, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Keep It Cathays could not agree more. We can’t think of anything finer than waking up, a little fuzzy headed, with a whole day stretching before us and the prospect of a breakfast somewhere close by (we are of course, talking about the weekends, you wouldn’t find us skiving our work or studies for food…haha!?)

Anyhoo. We’ve compiled a little write up of some of our favourite breakfasts in Cathays. We are the first to admit that knowledgable though we are, we are not the all seeing, all eating voice when it comes to breakfast in our fine ward- so please let us know where you’d recommend! The more suggestions, the more eggs we have the excuse of eating. Eggscellent.

Café 37

If you want an American style stack of pancakes drenched in maple syrup and accompanied by bacon, look no further than Cathays’s own diner. cafe37This place gets busy as soon as people hangovers relent enough to let them eat, so sometimes you’ll have to queue. We put out the twitter feelers and Alys Lloyd rates it as her favourite breakfast venue in Cathays. It’s quick service, huge portions and you can get every variation of a full English possible. And! There is slush puppy, in blue and red flavour (we’d say they were fruit but we’re not going to lie to you.) The lovely people at 37 even let you mix the two to make a delicious purple.  KIC defies anyone who says that frozen ice and e numbers doesn’t help a hangover.

Café 37, 37 Salisbury Rd, CF24 4AA.

Face 11

Not long open, Face 11 have  a friendly atmosphere along with cocktails and pizzas.  The cocktails have coaxed KIC to Face 11 on more than one occasion but we hadn’t realised that it offered breakfast as well. We were kindly put right by the ever knowledgable tools of twitter, and have been given a stella recommendation by Callum Paine:

As well as the banjo (a bacon and egg baguette), you can get an all day breakfast for £5.95 and blueberry pancakes for £5.20. Wash these down with hot chocolates to make Willy Wonka excited – mint, chili, orange and roasted nut are among the flavours they offer. Probably not for a hangover (KIC won’t repeat the terrible affect of sweet dairy products & a night of sambuca), but great for a winter morning.

Face 11, 105 Cathays Terrace, CF24 4HU.

Gutsy Goose

Sometimes a fry up is what you want for breakfast, sometimes it’s something more fancy. A Gutsy breakfast has smoked salmon and wholegrain bread galore. There’s porridge with honey for £3, a full English (fancy mind – it’s called the Gourmet Welsh breakfast) for £5.50 and a rather exciting Spanish breakfast with chorizo and paprika eggs. Alongside the usual breakfast fare you can get crepes with various sweet and savoury fillings. There’s also the best way to battle morning after queasiness – a Bloody Mary. If you’re not feeling so bold, they also do fresh grapefruit juice.

Gutsy Goose, 145 Crwys Road, CF24 4NH. 

Open from 9am.


It’s well known that if you want to prove yourself as an eating machine you head to Ramon’s. For a princely £17 you can consume  eight sausages, eight rashers of bacon, six eggs and four beef burgers, as well as hash browns, black pudding, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried potatoes, omelettes, toast and four slices of buttered bread. If you finish it within half an hour you get your money back – but that’ll mean eating 8,000 calories in one go and quite possibly facing a stroke. But you will save £17, so it’s really six of one and half a dozen of the other. This is greasy, hangover food at its best, and cheap to go with it.

64 Salisbury Rd, CF24 4AD.

Open from 6am weekdays and 4am weekends.

  Thé Pot

DSC_0035It’s hard not to love Thé Pot on the grounds that we spent months calling it the THE pot before realising they had used some fantastic French word play and it is in fact TEA pot. So witty, so sophisticated! We could just die! The interior resembles a living room which is perfect for those of us missing the creature comforts of home. The breakfast menu is plentiful and served until 2.  There’s the usual full English (£6.50) or you can try some of the more quirky options. Chilli corn bread for example, or a Welsh speciality, lavabread, which is a mix of seaweed, cheese and breadcrumbs- sounds slightly strange, tastes fantastic. There’s brunch options like £4 porridge or big hunks of toast for a couple of quid which are served all day. The juices will help right the wrongs of the night before & they serve all their coffee and tea with cookies which gets our vote – who doesn’t want dessert after breakfast? It’s not the cheapest option in Cathays, but you can tell you’re eating good quality food & the staff are so helpful you’ll probably want to throw money in their direction in way of thanks.

Thé Pot, 138 Crwys Road, CF24 4NR.

Closed Mondays. Open Tues- Fri 9am. Sat & Sun from 10am. 

So what do you think?

Are we bang on about the best bangers in Cathays?

Or are we missing a cereally good place?


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