In the process of writing our best breakfast, lunch and upcoming dinner post, we’ve encountered a problem -defining what the heck actually counts as Cathays! We’ve had a lot of fantastic food recommendations from the wonderful world of twitter, but on more than one occasion the debate about whether they fall in the grasps of Cathays or other wards (especially our rather sophisticated neighbour, Roath, who you’d love to hate if they weren’t all so nice) has come up..


Bloomin’ Roath aye!? They have Milgi, .cn and Tenkaichi, all so close we can smell them from Crwys Rd. But the fact that quite a few of you recommended them makes us think the boundaries aren’t known. And fair enough! We weren’t sure ourselves… we’ve waltzed on into Gabalfa and Castle and happily felt we were strolling in the sunny streets of Cathays, only to be truly shaken when we realised we weren’t.

So when Abdul-Azim Ahmed asked us this..

we decided it was time to end this once and for all.

The lavely lot at Cardiff and Vale Info, waded in and illuminated us quicker than 60W lightbulb.

So here it is! Here’s the definitive map of the Cathays border.

The Cathays Boundaries

The Cathays Boundaries

If you’d care to follow the red dashed line you can see where Cathays falls. It follows the railway lines, so when you see train tracks you should think twice about crossing them because, a) you might be about to leave the safety of Cathays and b) THAT IS INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS, ARE YOU INSANE?

We were particularly interested to learn that Cathays becomes Roath half way over the Crwys Rd bridge rather than at the City Rd/Crwys Rd junction. If you’ve got to the Mosque, you’re in Roath.

At the other end of Crwys Rd,  it’s Cathays until after the barracks. We get the barracks, hurrah! After a few nights of questionable behaviour we’ve been tempted to be dropped off there to be straightened out.

We get most of Cathays cemetery (thank goodness), and along Senghennydd Rd into the city centre.


We hope that clears a few things up!

If you want to know more about the different areas of Cardiff, there is a full map.

& Connect Cathays is a great source of information about the history Cathays.


Before you go! WHAT DO YOU THINK?

For our Best Dinners in Cathays, should we include a few restaurants just outside of Cathays? 

Take up our poll below.





  1. Google maps is helpful when it comes to Cathays as typing “Cathays, Cardiff” will show you the boundaries of the area as Google sees them. This doesn’t work for all areas of Cardiff and certainly doesn’t work if the area is also a place such as “Creigiau”. Cardiff Council have a very useful map at http://ishare.cardiff.gov.uk/mycardiff.aspx which is really badly publicised but shows all the local communities, electoral divisions etc. I created a map just for Cathays at http://goo.gl/maps/sJCZM and will be shortly updating http://www.cardiffandvale.info/cathays with information on the area in which I will of course link to keepitcathays.wordpress.com

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